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Condomi lub glidecreme 200 ml

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Active lubricant and massage gel.

Combined with bodily fluids, condomi lu:b creates a natural and highly effective lubricant. That way it compensates for a lack of natural lubrication.

The ingredient hyaluronic acid is what makes condomi lu:b special. From TV commercials we are aware of the firming and rejuvenating effects the hyaluronic acid has on the skin. But more importantly, this natural active ingredient has other positive effects and characteristics, for which we use it for our condomi lu:b. First of all, hyaluronic acid is a natural active substance produced by the body. It occurs in the connective tissue and bodily fluids. Thus condomi lu:b is very skin- and mucous membrane compatible. Secondly, hyaluronic acid moisturizes the skin and the mucous membranes and protects against dryness. condomi lu:b therefore enhances the lubricating effect of natural bodily fluids and improves the sexual experience. Last but not least, hyaluronic acid creates a natural protective layer that prevents skin irritation and minimalizes the risk of minor injuries. In case of existing skin irritations, hyaluronic acid accelerates the natural skin regeneration to enable rapid recovery.

Product features at a glance:

  • Combines with body fluids to create a highly effective lubricant or massage gel
  • Increases lubrication
  • Prevents skin irritations and minor injuries
  • Water-based
  • Water-soluble and fat-free
  • Dermatologically and microbiologically tested
  • Skin-compatible pH value
  • Neutral in odour, taste and colour
  • Condom compatible