Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Roborock S5 Max Sort
Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Roborock S5 Max Sort

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Roborock S5 Max Sort

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Roborock S5 Max is a wireless robotic vacuum cleaner. It can keep your floors immaculate. It is equipped with a water tank of super-size and a long-lasting battery inside.

  • It can cover floors over 200 square meters
  • You can schedule the cleaning task and change all the settings via your mobile phone
  • It can plan routes automatically according to the layout of your home
  • Battery life around 120 minutes
  • It can recharge itself automatically when the battery is low

Based on the layout of each room, the robotic vacuum cleaner can automatically scan your house and create a cleaning route, thanks to the built-in navigation system with super high precision. In addition, the built-in sensors allow it to avoid running down stairs, getting trapped in some areas or hitting the walls.

The Roborock App allows you to change the settings easily and get the view of the amount of water and suction power that is recommended for each room. Besides, you can also manually adjust the amount for each room to be cleaned. In addition, you can restrict your vacuum cleaner from going to some specific areas, like carpets, and schedule cleaning task wherever you are by using the app.

With the Roborock S5 Max, you do not have to worry about the water level as the vacuum cleaner automatically controls it and constantly mops the floor with the same pressure. 

Expected delivery time: 3 business days.